Quality Dynamics Consultancy Sdn Bhd presents

Aug 15 - 16, 2019 (9am - 5pm) at Holiday Inn Kuala Lumpur Glenmarie

Conducting An Effective Interviewing Skills

(by Mr. Tan Hock Ghee )


Behaviors Interviewing is a very reliable and a valid candidate selection technique based on the work of Tom Janz, of the University of Calgary. While we all may say that past behavior is the best indicator of the future behavior, we don’t act as if we believe this when we are interviewing candidates – often because we aren’t certain how to ask questions that will tell us about past performance.Interviewing and hiring people are one of the most critical tasks performed by managers and executives.  The more people hired who can perform their jobs effectively, the more competitive an organization will be.  On the other hand, hiring the wrong person for the job can be a costly mistake as a poor performer will undoubtedly hurt productivity.  Using the competency-based interviewing technique gives the interviewer more insight about the candidate by asking them the right questions which leads to evaluating the candidates’ competency levels by asking specific questions and basing the answers on how they had applied it at their previous work place.

This 2-day workshop concentrates on the pre-interview preparation, developing questions and their value, the interview techniques that get specific, behavior-based examples of past performance, and the strategies that follow through on this process.

program content

1.   The Importance of Hiring the Right People
        •  The cost of hiring errors

2.   Why Behavioural Interviewing?
        •  From the applicant’s point of view
        •  From a team leader/manager’s point of view
        •  From a human resource perspective
        •  What the research tells us about better interviewing

3.   Before the Interview
        •  Gather the pieces for the pattern: conduct a Job Analysis
        •  Recognize critical incidents
        •  Identify competencies and performance dimensions
        •  Develop job descriptions
        •  Prepare neutral job applications

4.   Forming the Interview Questions
        •  Identifying the pattern
        •  Writing the questions
        •  Developing the response you are looking for

5.   Consistent Resume Screening
        •  Defensible
        •  Efficient

6.   Developing an Interview Format
        •  Develop rapport
        •  Structure the Interview Process
        •  Gather predictive information
        •  Sell your organization
        •  Gain a commitment
        •  Conclude the Interview

7.   Ethical and Legal Issues

8.   Interviewing Techniques
        •  Create a comfortable atmosphere
        •  Ask open questions and probe answers
        •  Use active listening skills
        •  Pause, clarify, summarize
        •  Record applicant responses

9.   Interviewer Errors to Watch Out For
        •  Leniency/stringency
        •  Error of central tendency
        •  Halo/horns effect
        •  Talking too much

10.   Rating Interviews
        •  Rating errors and how to avoid them
        •  Valuing and scoring candidate responses

11.   Testing
        •  Performance based assessments
        •  Other tests

12.   Reference Checks
        •  A reference check format
        •  Alternatives to a formal reference check

13.   Conductive Practice Interviews

14.   Final Review


Participants and resource persons are led through the development process by a trained facilitator.  This hands-on cum participative workshop is relevant to jobs and competences critical to achieving company’s business performance and targets.  Performance driven jobs therefore, enhances specific value to employee management and development strategy and activities ensuring success in today’s competitive manufacturing and service environment.

who must attend

Human Resource Managers, Industrial Relations Managers, In-house Counsels, Employee Relations Managers, Compensation and Benefits Managers, Business Leaders and Owners.

investment fee / early bird by 01/08/2019

Standard: RM 1,595.00 nett / RM1,495.00 nett per participant

Group discount: RM 1,495.00 nett / RM 1,395.00 nett per participant for a minimum of 2 participants from the same company

(Fee inclusive of Refreshment, Buffet Lunch, Training Bag, Handouts,  & Certificate of Completion)

registration & payment


Please register online through www.qdc.com.my or call 03-78054587 / 03-78044196. Our phone line operation hours are from 8:30am to 6:00pm from Monday to Friday.

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Mr. Tan Hock Ghee’s last position before going fulltime consulting and Training was Human Resource Director at Berjaya Times Square Hotel & Convention Centre (2009-2010).  He joined Titan Chemicals Bhd in January 2006, as the Vice President of Human Resources & Administration.  He has over 30 years of experience with the government and private sector and specializes in Human Resources Development and Talent Management. Prior to joining Titan Chemicals in 2006, Mr. Tan was the General Manager - Human Resources & Administration (Hexagon Holdings Bhd), Executive Director – Organizational Development (PT. AraraAbadi, Indonesia), General Manager - Human Resource & Administration (Dataprep Holdings Bhd), Senior Manager – Human Resource Development (Samsung Electronics Group Malaysia). He was also the Training Coordinator for Sarawak Timber Industry Development Corporation (STIDC) in Plywood Manufacturing in the following years of 1992-1994. Worked at the Ministry of Education Malaysia in the Technical & Vocational Education Division as Assistant Director (Electrical/Electronic Engineering) since 1985-1991 and as its Chief Instructor from 1974-1982.

Mr. Tan graduated with a Diploma in Electrical Engineering (Communication) from University of Technology Malaysia (1974), Mechanics in Radio & TV Servicing at The Central Training Institute (CTI - Bombay, India), Bachelor of Science Technical Education (1983) and Master of Science Industrial Education (1984) from the University Wisconsin-Stout, Wisconsin, USA. Trained (1990) as “Occupational Analyst” at the renowned “The Holland College” in Prince Edward Island, Canada sponsored by the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA).

He is proficient in both English and Bahasa Malaysia.