Quality Dynamics Consultancy Sdn Bhd presents

Jul 16 - 17, 2020 (9am - 5pm) at Holiday Inn Kuala Lumpur Glenmarie

Prepare Payroll under Malaysian Employment Act 1955

(by Mr. Tan Hock Ghee )


At the end of the programme, participants are able to:

1.    Calculate pay for work done during normal hours and on overtime during
       public holidays and rest days
2.    Calculate quantum for encashment of leave 
3.    Calculate sick leave entitlement and unpaid sick leave
4.    Calculate paid and unpaid maternity leave
5.    Calculate pay for incomplete month and unpaid periods
6.    Calculate pay for resignations and dismissals
7.    Calculate retrenchment benefits
8.    Calculate pay and benefits for PART-TIMERS
9.    Compute SOCSO, EPF and Income Tax (MTD / PCB) deductions using
       appropriate tables and configurations
10.   Compute VOLA and value of perks for income tax
11.   Prepare toe EA form correctly
12.   Prepare the payroll report as per the latest laws of Malaysia

program content

1.   EA: Introduction
       -    Difference between wages and salary
       -    Contracts of Employment VS Contracts for Employment Act 1955
       -    Daily rated, monthly rated and piece rated employee
2.   EA: Normal Hours and OT
       -    Normal working hours & days
       -    Payment for spread over of work hours
       -    Formula for calculation of ORP
       -    When does OT start?
       -    Formula for calculation of OT
       -    Limit on OT hours

3.   EA: Rest Days and OT 
       -    Minimum days of rest per week
       -    Payment rates for work during work hours and OT
       -    Can an employee be forced to work on a rest day?

4.   EA: PH & OT 
       -    What is the difference between compulsory and non-compulsory PH?
       -    Number of days of compulsory and non-compulsory  PH      
       -    Payment rates for work during normal hours and OT on
          compulsory and non-compulsory PH

5.   EA: Annual Leave & Unpaid Leave
       -    Minimum number of days of entitlement
       -    Encashment of leave
       -    Rate for work done during normal hours / OT rates
       -    Salary computation / deduction for unpaid leave  

6.   EA: Paid and Unpaid Sick Leave
       -    Hospitalization and non-hospitalization leave entitlement
       -    The ‘deemed-to-be-hospitalized ‘cause
       -    Conditions for sick leave
       -    Calculation for unpaid sick leave

7.   EA: Paid and Unpaid Maternity Leave 
       -    Maternity allowance / leave entitlement
       -    Conditions for Maternity / Allowance eligibility
       -    Calculation for maternity allowance 
       -    Payment for ex-employees
       -    Calculation for unpaid maternity leave

8.   EA: Wages Administration
       -    Definition of wages under the law
       -    Formula for calculation of salary for incomplete month
       -    Minimum and maximum amount of salary advance and loans
       -    Authorized and unauthorized deductions
       -    Limit in deductions
       -    Content of Pay Slip
       -    Payment Date

9.   EA: Resignation and Dismissals
       -    Minimum notice period
       -    Calculation for notice period
       -    Calculation for payment in lieu of notice period
       -    Calculation for last day of service
       -    Payment date of last salary

10.  EA: Retrenchment
       -    Who is eligible for retrenchment benefits?
       -    Who is not eligible for retrenchment benefits
       -    Notice period for retrenchment
       -    Calculation for payment of retrenchment benefits
       -    Payment date of retrenchment benefits

11.  EA: Part-time Employee
       -    Who are the part-time employees protected by EA?
       -    No. of annual leave days
       -    No. of sick leave days
       -    No. of work hours and OT rate
       -    No. of PH and OT rate
       -    No. of Rest days and OT rate
       -    Calculation for the benefits

12.  SOCSO & EPF Deductions & Contributions
       -    Who is eligible for deductions and contributions?
       -    What types of income are subject to SOCSO and EPF?  
       -    Rate of deductions for different classes of employees 
       -    Date of contribution
       -    Late contributions

13.  Income Tax Monthly Deductions (MTD / PCB)
       -    Definition of wages for income tax deductions
       -    Minimum income level for income tax deduction
       -    Normal vs. additional remuneration
       -    Exemptions from tax
       -    Using the schedule to compute MTD/PCB
       -    ‘Using the formula method to compute MTD/PCB
       -    Compulsory and optional deductions
       -    Rebates after tax
       -    Date of contribution
       -    Deductions for previous years
14.  Income Tax: Benefits-in-kind and Perks
       -    What are benefits-in-kind and perks
       -    Calculating value of perks
       -    VOLA
       -    Formula and prescribed value methods of determining values
       -    ESOS
       -    Preparing the EA


Presentations, discussions, workshop exercises, case studies

who must attend

•    Payroll Specialists and Assistants 
•    Compensation and Benefits Specialists
•    Finance Managers & Executives
•    HR Managers & Assistants

investment fee / early bird by 02/07/2020

Standard: RM 1,595.00 / RM1,495.00 per participant

Group discount: RM1,495.00 / RM1,395.00 per participant for a minimum of 2 participants from the same company

(Fee inclusive of Refreshment, Buffet Lunch, Training Bag, Handouts,  & Certificate of Completion)

registration & payment


Please register online through www.qdc.com.my or call 03-78054587 / 03-78044196. Our phone line operation hours are from 8:30am to 6:00pm from Monday to Friday.

All registration MUST be accompanied with PAYMENT.

Completed registration form with CHEQUES should be made in favor of "Quality Dynamics Consultancy Sdn Bhd" and sent to:

(FEE PAID IS NOT REFUNDABLE but replacement may be made at no additional cost. Quality Dynamics Consultancy Sdn Bhd reserves the right to cancel or reschedule the above course and shall inform participants of the changes)


Mr. Tan Hock Ghee’s last position before going fulltime consulting and Training was Human Resource Director at Berjaya Times Square Hotel & Convention Centre (2009-2010).  He joined Titan Chemicals Bhd in January 2006, as the Vice President of Human Resources & Administration.  He has over 30 years of experience with the government and private sector and specializes in Human Resources Development and Talent Management. Prior to joining Titan Chemicals in 2006, Mr. Tan was the General Manager - Human Resources & Administration (Hexagon Holdings Bhd), Executive Director – Organizational Development (PT. AraraAbadi, Indonesia), General Manager - Human Resource & Administration (Dataprep Holdings Bhd), Senior Manager – Human Resource Development (Samsung Electronics Group Malaysia). He was also the Training Coordinator for Sarawak Timber Industry Development Corporation (STIDC) in Plywood Manufacturing in the following years of 1992-1994. Worked at the Ministry of Education Malaysia in the Technical & Vocational Education Division as Assistant Director (Electrical/Electronic Engineering) since 1985-1991 and as its Chief Instructor from 1974-1982.

Mr. Tan graduated with a Diploma in Electrical Engineering (Communication) from University of Technology Malaysia (1974), Mechanics in Radio & TV Servicing at The Central Training Institute (CTI - Bombay, India), Bachelor of Science Technical Education (1983) and Master of Science Industrial Education (1984) from the University Wisconsin-Stout, Wisconsin, USA. Trained (1990) as “Occupational Analyst” at the renowned “The Holland College” in Prince Edward Island, Canada sponsored by the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA).

He is proficient in both English and Bahasa Malaysia.