Quality Dynamics Consultancy Sdn Bhd presents

Aug 26 - 27, 2020 (9am - 5pm) at Holiday Inn Kuala Lumpur Glenmarie

Critical Thinking & Problem Solving

(by Mr. Brien Lee Meng Siong )


This intensive activity based 2-day program is designed for participants to:-
1.   Acquire the essential critical thinking skills that can be applied at work;
2.   Apply these skills to practical problem solving situations; and
3.   Enhance organizational effectiveness in today competitive business world.

program content

1.   Introduction to Critical Thinking
        -  What is Critical Thinking
        -  The need for Critical Thinking at work
        -  Critical Thinking is an active thinking process
        -  Understanding the key elements of Critical Thinking
        -  The important role of Critical Thinking in Problem Solving

2.   The Elements of Critical Thinking
        -  The art and science of thinking
        -  Critical Thinking and Logic
        -  The two key parts of Critical Thinking
        -  The role of Intuition
        -  Barriers to Critical Thinking : Assumptions and Thinking Traps

3.   Critical Thinking Process
        -  The need for clear outcomes / goals
        -  Interpretation : understanding and identifying problems
        -  Analysis : examining, organising and prioritizing information
        -  Evaluation : assessing the credibility and relevance of information sources
        -  Inference : formulating conclusions
        -  Explanation : explaining the conclusions
        -  Self Regulation : examining and correcting the process

4.   Problem Solving Process
        -  Personal vs business problem, and overlaps
        -  How to identify and define the correct problem to solve
        -  Analyzing the problem comprehensively
        -  Generating options and selecting solutions
        -  Implementing, monitoring, evaluating and learning from the process
5.   Techniques for Critical Thinking and Problem Solving
        -  The PMI Analytical Model – Plus, Minus, Interesting
        -  The Six Thinking Hats Technique
        -  Root Cause Analysis – Fish Bone Diagram (Ishikawa)
        -  The To - Lo - Po - So - Go Thinking Model
        -  Brainstorming – how to do it right
        -  Mind Mapping – A useful tool for documenting the process

6.   Implementing Solutions and Learning From Each Experience
        -  The PMI Analytical Model – Plus, Minus, Interesting
        -  Setting up a simple action plan to implement the solution
        -  Getting the permissions and authorizations from above if necessary
        -  The need to monitor the implementation
        -  Adjustments and completion of the solution
        -  Is the problem solved to your requirements?
        -  How well did the solution work? How can it be improved for future use?
        -  Can this particular problem recur? If so, how can we avoid it recurring?
        -  How do we document and share these learning with other colleagues?


Programme methodology includes many activities such as games, role-playing, case studies, minimal lecture, use of Audio-Video learning aids, VAK approach and others. Throughout the various activities and exercises, the participants will also gain the direct experience of applying these critical thinking and problem solving skills.

who must attend

This program is designed for professionals at any level who often face problems that need to be quickly solved at work but do not yet have the knowledge of critical thinking and problem solving skills

investment fee / early bird by 12/08/2020

Standard: RM 1,595.00 nett / RM1,495.00 nett per participant

Group discount: RM1,495.00 nett / RM 1,395.00 nett per participant for a minimum of 2 participants from the same company

(Fee inclusive of Refreshment, Buffet Lunch, Training Bag, Handouts,  & Certificate of Completion)

registration & payment


Please register online through www.qdc.com.my or call 03-78054587 / 03-78044196. Our phone line operation hours are from 8:30am to 6:00pm from Monday to Friday.

All registration MUST be accompanied with PAYMENT.

Completed registration form with CHEQUES should be made in favor of "Quality Dynamics Consultancy Sdn Bhd" and sent to:

(FEE PAID IS NOT REFUNDABLE but replacement may be made at no additional cost. Quality Dynamics Consultancy Sdn Bhd reserves the right to cancel or reschedule the above course and shall inform participants of the changes)


Brien Lee Meng Siong believes that continuous learning enriches lives and enhances a company’s bottom line. A Masters holder with 12 years of working experience, including eight years in management and senior management in international organizations.

He has direct experience in on-the-ground operational work as well as higher level strategic planning and management.   Key positions he has successfully managed were a national tiger conservation programme and a Knowledge Management Initiative for WWF-Malaysia. He also served as Project Manager for United Nations Development Programme.

Brien is a certified NLP Master Practitioner and a HRDF Certified Trainer (Human Resources Development Fund, Ministry of Human Resources Malaysia).   Brien believes that everyone deserves to be happy. And a critical key to this is the ability to communicate elegantly and with impact. Therefore, he specializes in the field of inter-personal communications, teaching people how to get the results they want in both their professional and personal lives elegantly and impactfully.

He is fluent in both English and Bahasa Malaysia