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As the training provider of a vast selection of both management and technical training programs, our skilled and experienced pool of trainers will be able to cater to your different needs.

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Public Training

QDC organizes approximately twenty Public Training programs each month. Please check the main page for this month's program schedule. If you do not find the course you are looking for, we encourage you to submit a suggestion regarding courses you would like to participate in and/or an in-house training request via our feedback form. We appreciate your feedback and we are always open to suggestions. We are constantly on the look out for better ways which we can utilize to further serve our clients. Thank you!

In-House Training

Courses for in-house training but not limited to:

  • » Quality Improvement Tools &Techniques
    7QC Tools, 7 New QC Tools, Integrated QC Tools, ICC/KIK, PDCA, 6 Sigma, TQM, SPC, FMEA, MSA, Effective Data Analysis, Value Stream Mapping, Process Mapping.
  • » ISO Management System Standards
    ISO9001, ISO14000, ISO18000, Chemical Hazard &Risk Management
  • » Quality Management
  • » Kaizen Techniques
    5S Practices, 5S Visual Control, Kaizen Practices, Poke Yoke, Lean Manufacturing
  • » Communication Skill
    Interpersonal Communication, Public Speaking, Presentation Skills, NLP, Kemahiran Komunikasi Interpersonal, Kemahiran Penyampaian.
  • » Leadership &Supervisory Skill
    Leadership, Motivation &Supervisory Development Skills, Leadership &Problem Solving, Essential Supervisory Skills, Kemahiran Penyeliaan.
  • » Motivation &Team Building Enhancement
    Team-Building, Motivasi untuk Kecemerlangan Pekerja, Motivasi Ke arah Kecemerlangan Organisasi, Motivasi Ketrampilan Diri &Sikap Positif.
  • » Personal Development
    Minutes Writing, Managing People, Time Management, Train-the-Trainer, Business Writing, Conversational English, Speak &Write Simple English, Professional Personal Assistants/Secretaries, Meningkatkan Kecemerlangan Setiausaha/Pembantu Pentadbir, Budaya Kerja &Potensi Diri.
  • » Customer Service
    Customer Service Excellence, Customer Service &Telephone Etiquettes, Handling Difficult Customers, Cabaran-Cabaran Mengurus Pelanggan.
  • » Human Resource &Industrial Relations
    Preparing the Payroll, Coaching &Counseling, Employment Act 1955, Labour Laws, Disciplinary Action &Domestic Inquiry, Managing Absenteeism, Handling Misconduct, Termination of Employment.
  • » Accounting &Finance
    Preparing for Goods &Service Tax (GST) Compliance, Finance for Non-Finance Personnel, Accounting Skills for Account Clerks &Assistants, Handling a Full Set Accounts, Asas Perakaunan untuk Eksekutif Muda &Perkeranian Perakaunan, Pengenalan Simpan Kira-Kira &Perakaunan untuk Kumpulan Perkeranian.
  • » Clerical Development
    Filing &Records Management, Pengurusan Fail &Rekod, Etika PengendalianTelefon & Perkhidmatan Kaunter, Pekerja Dispatch/Pembantu Am yang Berkualiti.
  • » Logistics &Warehouse
    Shipping Risks &Costs Reduction Practices, Interpretation of INCOTERMS 2010, Effective Logistics &Supply Chain Management, Global Import and Export Management - Practices &Procedures.
  • » Store &Inventory
    Effective Purchasing, Inventory & Store Management, Pengurusan Stor &Inventori yang Berkesan.
  • » Sales &Marketing
    Enhancing Personal Selling Skills, The Art of Negotiation.
  • » Custom Development
    Malaysian Custom Procedures, Import &Export Procedures and Documentations.
  • » Project Management
    Basic Project Management, 30 Best Practices for Effective Project Management, Transitioning to Management for Technical Professionals, Critical Path Method.


QDC also provides consultancy services in areas like:

  • • 5S Practices
  • • Training Needs Analysis (TNA)
  • • ISO 9001
  • • ISO 14000
  • • ISO 18000 and
  • • other Quality and Productivity Improvement programs.

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